Don Martin is a rapper, radio personality and veteran of the Norwegian hip-hop community. He has released a number of albums in English and Norwegian, both as a solo artist and as part of “Gatas Parlament”. The launch of the second part of the album “Løvehjerter blant slangene i en Tigerstad” ends the Oslo trilogy which began with “En Gang Romsåsgutt Alltid Romsåsgutt” in 2013, a project that was dedicated to his love of Oslo.

UrberDon is an expression of Don Martin’s love for driving, app-based taxi service Uber and Oslo. And is an experience that gave fans the opportunity to meet and be chauffeured by Don Martin, to be given a preview of his latest album and sung to. All broadcast live while he plays video games with services from and

This experience was managed through which provided instructions on how request a ride through the Uber app and hosted the live broadcasts. We developed a visual identity and website that captured the tone and attitude of Don Martin and borrows from luxury chauffeur sector through colour palette and materiality. Idea: HES. Director: Kristoffer Klunk.