Skulpturstopp is an ongoing sculpture project, initiated by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, that invites artists to create work for counties throughout eastern Norway with the intention of increasing the public’s interest in, understanding of, and engagement with contemporary art. By affording artists the flexibility to design for a specific space, space and sculpture are intrinsically linked, making the work relevant and art more accessible to the people of Norway. We were commissioned to develop a signage system that would sit alongside these distinctive sculptures, blend in with a variety of surroundings, communicate artist name, and summarise the ideas that underpin each artwork.

Our approach is rooted in contemplation. This manifests itself as public benches constructed from gabions packed with local stone, wood slats, and a cube of cast concrete with artist bio, artwork insight, and a website link that expands on these details. It’s a modular system that accommodates qualities specific to region, is adaptable, and, as time passes and the surrounding area grows, becomes increasingly integrated into environment. Visit to see the website.