Le Backhand is a merino wool and silk blend underwear range of clean lines and neutral colours best described as sophisticated, high quality wardrobe basics inspired by everyday nordic living. Le Backhand’s philosophy is rooted in sustainability and a commitment to small, family-run manufacturing, and is a collaborative effort between former snowboard professional and now designer Lene Nordermoen, and international fashion model Iselin Steiro.

The name, founded on the perfect tennis backhand and the ability to make something difficult appear simple, and a desire to avoid the visual language of sports basics, was the foundation from which we developed Le Backhand’s visual identity.

Using simple sans-serif typography, plenty of white space and a focus on photography, our approach gives Le Backhand a cleaner, more contemporary look that embraces a nordic simplicity. This was extended across, and unites, tags, print communication, stationery and website. Visit the website. Film: James Martin & Vim Vigor — Sound: Torgny Amdam — Photo: Kjell Ruben