Skog og Landskap (The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute) is one of Norway’s foremost scientific institutions. It provides insight into forest resources, forest ecology and the environment, is responsible for national mapping programs and resource inventories, and is part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The institute has a head office in the city of Ås, regional offices throughout Norway, and a staff of 220. In July 2015 the institute merged with Bioforsk and NILF to become the Norwegian Institute for Bio Economics (NIBIO). Our involvement with Skog og landskap extended to a complete rebrand. This included a library of icons and visual tools for scientists, developed in close collaboration with the professionals at Skog og landskap, and a set of infographics for press and politicians.

Our redrawing and simplification of the logo, which sees a reduction in the number of rings, the use of bolder typography, the development of icon set and infographics, balances a sensitivity to the past — the original identity carried a lot of favour with staff — with current standards and new digital platforms. It also introduces an earthy component and an accessible quality through wood texture and illustration. Together these emphasise the professionalism of the institute, highlights the diversity of its fields of interest, and makes a clear connection with the environment.

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